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Simon Collier

“Nature and people are intertwined, and we need to support, develop and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship where both have long term sustainability. One can no longer exist without the other.”

Marie-Claire Greve

“I believe that involving local communities in nature conservation through education and better understanding of the beauty of nature will stimulate the urge to protect wildlife. Every individual act matters however synergy is needed.”

Bart Kraak

“Let’s not sit and wait for others to save our planet but let’s act now. Each of us. It will make the difference.”

Caroline Polet

The two-fold mission of MCCF is close to my heart, on the one hand wildlife conservation, on the other working with communities. I want my (grand-)children and all the children in the world to live in a save and healthy environment, where the air is clean, the drinking water is pure and there is an abundance of wildlife.
I love the following quote by Jane Goodall: “the most important thing is to think about small ways in which we can make a difference EVERY DAY”